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    International Cooperation

    Winner focuses on strategic cooperation with foreign advanced technology and equipment suppliers, and has two water treatment technology and consulting firms which are Isle and Amane Advisors to do consulting services together. 


    With Nijhuis Industries of the Netherlands (High-rate Flotation equipment, Precise Dosing system and Resource Reuse) , Koch of the United States (high-end resource recovery membrane and resin technology) , Emefcy of Israel (MABR biochemistry) , Orelis of France (ceramic membrane treatment technology) , Teijin of Japan (high-salt biochemical treatment technology) , Fluiteco (high-efficiency solid-liquid separation equipment) , LAR of Germany (test equipment) , Modernwater of the United Kingdom (test equipment). The nine international advanced technology suppliers of strategic cooperation, they are in the world environmental protection field ranking 10% . Through cooperation with international suppliers of advanced technology and equipment, we have established excellent international channels of advanced environmental technology, focusing on the application of advanced technology in China market, local assembly and innovation of technology and equipment, strong support for the domestic industrial market, the combination of difficult issues and technology application to enhance the technological competitiveness and brand competitiveness of enterprises.


    Nijhuis industry of the Netherlands has a history of more than 100 years in the field of industrial environmental protection, with more than 2,600 engineering cases in various industries around the world. The two sides betweeb Winner & Nijhuis signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2017.
    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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