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    Business Scope
    Business Scope


         WINNER is a national high-tech Enterprise, a high-quality supplier of integrated industrial water solutions, a professional company engaged in research, technology development, production, sales, engineering design and construction. The water treatment chemicals division has been focusing on pharmaceutical technology innovation and product application to ensure continued industry excellence.

    The WINNER brand has a wide range of water treatment chemicals and consumables, covers technical services such as circulating water treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, paint spray booth fog agglutinating agent products, membrane water treatment chemicals, Industrial wastewater treatment chemicals, filtration consumables and membrane products. It is widely used in many fields such as electronic plating, food and beverage, automobile, electric power, steel, petrochemical industry, coating, pharmacy, semiconductor, tank packaging and so on.

    “WINNER”brand nearly 20 years, after years of industry trials and challenges, the top brand in the field of water treatment chemicals and supplies services has accumulated rich experience in the industry and engineering experience.


    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

     WeChat public account


    Please contact us


    Contact number:021-22819910

    Contact Fax:021-22819636

    Company address:Building 66, 1525 Minqiang Road, Songjiang, Shanghai

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd          備案號: 滬ICP備05045558號-1  

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