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    About Us

    Company Profile

    About Us

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, focusing on continuous technological innovation and engineering application services in the field of industrial water treatment. It has been awarded the honorary titles of National High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Science & Technology Little Giant (Cultivation) Enterprise, Shanghai Specialized New Enterprise and so on. 

    After 20 years of development, business covers industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, water reuse treatment, zero discharge treatment of high brine, pure water and ultrapure water production, industrial circulating water treatment services, water treatment chemicals, and environmental protection equipment, such as the construction and operation and maintenance and other technical services, for the electroplating, batteries, new energy, food and beverage, steel, metallurgy, electric power, oil, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing industries pollution control to provide professional customized solutions and engineering services.So far, the company has completed more than 300 pollution control projects, 20 third-party operation and maintenance service projects, service footprint in 22 provinces in more than 70 cities.

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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    Contact number:021-22819910

    Contact Fax:021-22819636

    Company address:Building 66, 1525 Minqiang Road, Songjiang, Shanghai

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd          備案號: 滬ICP備05045558號-1  

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