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    Company news

    Intellectual Property and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future

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    world intellectual property day 

          On April 20, Shanghai Intellectual Property released the 2022 National Intellectual Property Publicity Week with the theme of "Completely Open a New Journey of Building a Powerful Intellectual Property Country".



                    &nbsp;           Source of poster: China Intellectual Property News

                                Copyright: National Intellectual Property Publicity Week Organizing Committee Office

          In addition to strengthening publicity and education on intellectual property protection and fully shaping the intellectual property cultural concept of "respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, honesty and law-abiding, and fair competition", the State Intellectual Property Office will continue to work with the media to launch high-quality intellectual property publicity products, and the 22nd The theme of World Intellectual Property Day "IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future" formed a positive interaction.


          At the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Wnner Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has integrated excellent talents and established a scientific and technological research and development team to lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

          Today's Winner is a Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise, a Minhang District Patent Demonstration Unit, a National High-tech Enterprise, a Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise, a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Specialized New Little Giant Enterprise, and successfully passed the 2021 Minhang District Intellectual Property Management Regulations in February. System and operation transformation system construction demonstration project review, the company relies on scientific and technological innovation to establish the company's leading position in the field of industrial pollution control. Biochemical treatment technology, sewage treatment recycling and zero-emission technology, low-temperature vacuum evaporator technology and material recycling technology have a leading position in the industry.

        As of March, Winner Environmental Protection has applied for a total of 96 patents (42 invention patents and 54 utility model applications), 11 authorized invention patents and 37 authorized utility model patents. The company has built an intellectual property database and completed an intellectual property strategy report, which is of great significance to future intellectual property work.

          The company has established long-term strategic partnerships with international companies such as KOCH in the United States, Nijhuis Saur Industries in the Netherlands, and Teijin in Japan, the world's leading technology product suppliers, to develop Chinese environmental protection enterprises with global technology and perspectives, and help customers' industries to upgrade green.


          Millennials and Gen Z are change-makers, outspoken pragmatists who challenge the status quo. Today's youth are digital natives, growing up in a world where mobile phones and the Internet are interconnected, and the real and the virtual are intertwined. It has also shaped the most entrepreneurial, innovative and creative generation to date.

           Winner Environmental Protection has such a young team. On the track of future strategic development, we will actively connect with digital transformation and improve the company's organizational efficiency; we will actively welcome the connection of capital and enhance the company's platform value with the power of capital. Winner People will embrace the future with passion!

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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