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    Company news

    Winner Environmental Protection | WT-MSABP multi-stage high-salt wastewater biochemical treatment technology keynote speech attracts attention

    Hits:110Dateline:2022-05-16 14:34:37

    Environmental Technology Topics

    online sharing session


    【Environmental Expo Cloud Learning Club】



          The "IE expo China 2022 23rd China Environmental Technology Conference" originally scheduled to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 20 to 22 was postponed due to the recent changes in the epidemic situation in Shanghai and across the country.


    Image source: Environmental Circle

    During this special period, China Environmental Expo moved the offline conference to online, and opened an online environmental technology seminar in May.


    WT-MSABP multistage

    Biochemical Treatment Technology of High Salt Wastewater


          On the afternoon of May 12th, Winner Environmental Protection was invited to attend the "Environmental Expo Cloud Learning Club" series of live broadcast activities for fighting against the epidemic. In the special sharing session of "Membrane Technology and Difficult Wastewater Treatment Technology", Zhao Ming, deputy manager of the technology department, did Technology sharing entitled "WT-MSABP Multi-stage Biochemical Processing Technology". Detailed sharing and interaction were made on the application cases of this technology in high-salt environment and refractory pollution control.



    The continuous interaction in the live broadcast room is soaring

    Professional answers to some interactive questions

    圖片Q: Will the packing of your company have a problem of hardening, and will it cause sludge deposition after hardening, so that there is less sludge on the packing section?

    圖片A: Our company's packing has a special surface structure design, which can effectively prevent the problem of packing compaction. At present, the packing used in the project has not been compacted.

    圖片Q: For the multi-stage packing technology + post-air flotation combined process mentioned by your company, whether the dissolved oxygen carried by the sludge return in the post-air flotation will affect the effect of the anaerobic or anoxic process in the previous stage, and how to control it?

    圖片Answer: The combination process we mentioned is a recommended combination process. For the biochemical process with only aerobic section, this combination process has great advantages for projects with tight floor space; the front section has anaerobic or anoxic process reflux The subsequent dissolved oxygen control is calculated and confirmed in detail according to the pollutant concentration parameters, sludge concentration and reflux ratio of the specific process.

    圖片Q: What are the advantages of your company's multi-stage packing technology process operating costs?

    圖片Answer: The main operating advantage of this process is the reduction of sludge volume, especially for some industries that generate hazardous waste sludge or enterprises with high sludge treatment costs in the region, it has considerable advantages in reducing sludge treatment costs. .


    Some technology sharing companies (Image source: Environmental Protection Circle)

          WT-MSABP aerobic biochemical treatment technology, the core material is produced by Japan's Teijin Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Winner Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and its strategic partner Teijin Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly develop modular products suitable for sewage treatment processes in China, Process packages and technical applications.

         The aerobic biochemical technology is based on the combination of high-performance fiber-modified fillers and multi-stage structural reactors to form a fixed-bed reactor, giving the biochemical system a unique gradient microbial colony growth environment and high microbial load (8-12g/L) , it can quickly realize the screening of special bacteria groups such as salt-tolerant microorganisms, and the microbial film layer loaded at the same time makes the aerobic process have both nitrification and denitrification characteristics, which can reduce the amount of biochemical excess sludge by more than 60%, which can greatly improve the system. The ability to resist the impact of pollutant loads and reduce the amount of excess sludge, reduce operating costs.


          WT-MSABP aerobic biochemical treatment technology has the characteristics of high treatment load, sewage salt tolerance<4% (calculated as sodium chloride), strong impact resistance, small footprint, and small amount of excess sludge. It is suitable for wastewater treatment. High-efficiency treatment of organic wastewater and refractory organic wastewater in high-salt environment of oxygen biochemical system, as well as upgrading and expansion without increasing the land occupation and investment of civil works.


    Technology application

    1) Modular packing


    2) Case


    Foshan Apollo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. High-salt Wastewater Biochemical Treatment Project

    Process route: pretreatment + anaerobic treatment + MSABP multi-stage biochemical treatment

    Project Features:

    • The mixed wastewater has high salinity (salt content of 1.5%), high CODcr (the CODcr content of the mixed wastewater is as high as 32,000 mg/L), and the composition is complex

    • The BOD5/CODcr value is low, about 0.2

    Wastewater treatment capacity: 390m3/d

    Treatment effect: "Guangdong Provincial Sewage Comprehensive Discharge Standard" DB4426-2001 Level 3 Discharge Standard in the Second Period


    Riyan Teijin Reuse Water Treatment Project

    Process route: MSABP multi-stage packing module + MBR membrane treatment combined process

    Project Features:

    • Contains refractory organic matter, BOD5/CODcr<0.2

    • Limited floor space, assembled with integrated steel structure equipment

    Wastewater treatment capacity: 600m3/d, wastewater CODcr content 520mg/L

    Treatment effect: effluent CODcr<20mg/L


    about us

          Winner Environmental Protection was established in 2001 with the mission of solving China's intractable industrial waste water pollution problem, the vision of making customers a respected enterprise in the society, and empowering China's environmental protection cause with knowledge and innovation. It has successively won the National High-tech Enterprise, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Specialized New Little Giant Enterprise, the Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant (Cultivation) Enterprise, and the scientific and technological achievements have been awarded the titles of the Torch Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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