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    Baosteel Group

    Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baosteel”), is a globally leading modernized integrated iron and steel company and the core enterprise of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation, which is listed in Fortune's Global 500. 

    project address:

    Haimen City, Jiangsu Province

    Characteristics of wastewater:

    Steel cord wastewater contains heavy metals (copper, iron, zinc, etc.) and waste acid, which are strictly controlled industrial pollutants. If the control conditions are not good, the amphoteric metal is easy to reversely dissolve, and the effluent is not easy to reach the standard.

    project outcome:

    1. Using multi-stage micro-flocculation sedimentation technology to achieve the concentration of heavy metals in the effluent;

    2. Micro-adjustment of acid and alkali, the use of chemicals is reduced by 20%, and the sludge is reduced by 30%;

    3. The waste acid is pretreated and recycled to the pickling tank to achieve clean production;

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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    Contact number:021-22819910

    Contact Fax:021-22819636

    Company address:Building 66, 1525 Minqiang Road, Songjiang, Shanghai

    Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd          備案號: 滬ICP備05045558號-1  

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